Head Porting

From Mild Street to Full-Blown Race Applications, GMS Head Work is Amongst the Top in the Industry

With years of experience and countless hours of flow bench testing, Gregg's head porting looks like art work and performs as good as it looks. Gregg knows how to set up your heads to optimize your combination - be it a mild street engine or a full-blown drag bike power plant.

In addition to porting and polishing, GMS can also take your heads a step further with custom machining. If you want to make serious power, let us machine your heads with 30 degree squish bands with a set of matching custom pistons. The increase in efficiency will have your engine running to it's full potential.

GMS can relocate your pushrod holes for use in Delkron "Fatvo" engines in addition to performing any other modifications you have in mind. If you really want to get the most out of your bike engine build, proper heads for the combination are a must. Give us a call and let's discuss what your goals are. Then send us your heads and we will ship them back to you ready to bolt back onto your bike. It's that easy.


 2013 GMS Racing