High Performance Street

Increase Horsepower and Torque with a Focus on Rideability

Many riders are looking to increase the power output of their touring bike or cruiser. There are no shortage of shops out there promising to deliver giant horsepower numbers with dyno sheets to back it up. Yet in day-to-day riding their bikes overheat in traffic, spit and pop, and worst of all they struggle to keep up with their buddies when they roll on the throttle on the highway.

A lot of these problems are a result of using parts that are not suited for the application in which they are being used. A common mistake is choosing cam shafts that are too aggressive. Bigger is not always better. Bad tunes on EFI bikes also contribute to a lot of issues.

At GMS we take the time to interview our customers and determine how they ride, how the bike will be used, and what their expectations are. We then tailor a package specifically for that individual. Our focus is on real-world, reliable, usable power. For example, on a heavy touring bike, the area under the torque curve is far more important than the peak horsepower number. We will build you a package that not only makes good dyno numbers but is also fun and reliable, with smooth, effortless power delivery.

If you are looking to have the fastest, meanest bar-hopper around, we can build that for you as well. With the knowledge we have gained from racing, our top-notch staff, and state of the art equipment, we can deliver a bike that runs the way you expect it to run. Give us a call or stop by. We are more than happy to talk to you about what you want from your motorcycle and to help you get it there.


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