Dyno Tuning

Custom EFI Maps and Carburetor Tuning

When you make changes to your bike's engine, even changes as simple as an air cleaner or mufflers, your bike will need to be retuned in order to run it's best. A well-tuned Fuel-Injected bike can be a joy to ride. Simply press the starter button and off you go. Smooth running and optimal power and fuel economy are some of the advantages of a properly tuned motorcycle.

A poorly tuned motorcycle is another story. Popping, missing, sputtering, and stalling are symptoms of a bad tune. Even worse, a bad tune can lead to engine damage.

Here at GMS we emphasize to our customers that the dyno sheet showing peak horsepower and torque numbers is only a very small part of the tuning process. We aim to provide you with excellent peak numbers, but more importantly, we spend the time to create a custom map for your bike that runs smoothly and efficiently under all of the conditions you ride in, be it steady highway cruising, climbing a steep grade riding two-up, or slogging through rush hour traffic. Many shops will use a pre-made map, making adustments only at wide open throttle to generate a nice looking dyno sheet. This method neglects the portions of the map that are used 99% of the time.

GMS is equipped with a top-of-the-line DynoJet 250i dynomometer with load control so that we can simulate all of the conditions you will encounter out on the road and give you the best possible end result. We know electronic fuel injection inside and out and can create custom maps for anything from a bone stock bike to a radical drag bike. We can work with any tuning device currently on the market. If you need recommendations on injector sizing, which tuner to use, or anything else EFI related give us a call.

If your bike is carbureted, we haven't forgotten about you. We have extensive carb tuning experience for both street and race applications. Your carbureted bike can benefit from dyno tuning just like a fuel injected model. We can evaluate your carb jetting and ignition timing and optimize both for your combination.

If you want to make sure your bike is running it's best, or if you are simply curious how much power it makes, give us a call and set up an appointment today!


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